How fast are you?

Test acceleration of your vehicle using Internal GPS or using external Dragy, RaceHF Bean, Racelogic VBox Sport and devices.Race buddy helps you to measure acceleration from standstill or while you are rolling. It has ability to record video and overlay all your data (speed, temperature, G-force, altitude,...) over your video and you can share it with your friends.


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These are frequently asked questions. If you have any question, proposition or feature request, feel free to contact us.

What are paid features?
You can record run using internal interpolated GPS. It is not precise enough, but with added interpolation its good enough to test your car and RaceBuddy app. You can record video and do video overlay. Paid features are external GPS device, branding of video, external video sources, priority support.
Can I use my Phone GPS?
Yes you can. Runs with Phone GPS are not valid for comparison because phone updates speed once in a second, which is not frequent enough (1Hz). We have created software interpolation to make results more usable.
Why is my run invalid?
If your run is done by internal GPS it will be invalid. Also, if your run is done downhill (difference in heigh on start and end is >3%), or has less than 5 satellites, it will be invalid. Use external GPS devices and flat road to test.
How to connect external GPS device?

For VBox Sport, go to device Settings -> Bluetooth and select your device. When it’s connected, in app go to Settings -> Devices and connect it. 
For BLE devices like RaceBoxPro and RaceHF, go to Settings -> Devices and then connect.

What is different between internal and external GPS devices?

Internal GPS device has precise location and speed, but it’s not updated frequently. On all devices it’s updated once in a second (1Hz). External GPS devices are 10 or 20Hz (VBox Sport has 20 updates in one second, RaceBox has 16Hz, Dragy has 10Hz). Yes, VBoxSport is 20 times more precise than your iPhone GPS.

How to record video?

On main screen, just rotate your device in landscape mode and it will start recording video as addition to your data. Be sure that rotation is not locked on your device.

How to make video overlay?

If your run has recorded video, select that run from list of runs, go to “video” in top right corner, and chose “Overlay”. Overlay is done frame by frame and it takes few minutes. When overlay is done, you are able to share that video with friends online.

How to get the same results like on timing slip?

RaceBuddy use “One foot rollout” feature by default. If you use external device, you will get close results to timing slip. Note: Drag strips are using multiple optical sensors and they are calculating location of vehicle in space. GPS, with good refresh rate, is more precise!

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